SG Entrepreneur EXchange - PoweRHOUR

The SG Entrepreneur Exchange hosts a PoweRhour for executives, entrepreneurs and business owners that work near the Greenwich Office Park, on the border of CT/NY just off Exit2, Rt. 95. The PoweRhour starts promptly at 8:30 am with a facilitated keynote presentation led by a Solutions Leader or special invited business executive.

The mission of this fast-paced hour comes from the interactive discussion, concise question and answers to support the goals of all Members and Solution Leaders. By design, the facilitated large group session of the PoweRhour ends promptly at 9:30 am, but members and new guests meet privately afterwards to engage with the Solution Leaders and the keynote facilitator.

Preferred Partners provide related support services as needed and are also available for confidential conversations after each session in the Park Cafe. The facility has a large dining area, private conference room with internet access used for creative thinking and strategic planning for member businesses. Unlike a networking group or business event, the private conversations are focused on specific business development, strategic marketing, communications, finance, operations, bookkeeping, IRS record retention and tax preparation. Nine Solution Leaders, with practice areas vital to the growth and success of business owners and entrepreneurs, are available before or after each syndicate session.

There is no charge to attend these PoweRhour sessions through Nov 30, 2019.

The only requirement is for Solution Leaders, Preferred Partner and Syndicate Members to invite other successful experienced professionals to attend as our guest.

The mission of SGE is to provide immediate support to the invited guest - results, referrals, revenue.

Guests of the Park Cafe may arrive at the event and participate at each session comparable to a member,

For further information, contact: or text contact details to 203.253.1981

2019 Schedule of Events - SEPTEmber / OCTOBER

Meetings are held every other Friday from 8 am to 10 am at the Park Cafe in Building 5 of the Greenwich Office Park at 51 Weaver Street Greenwich, CT. Free parking is available in the underground parking area with delicious food available onsite.

Sept 6, 2019 830 am. “Tax Strategies And Practical Ideas for High Net Worth Execs, Business Owners, Partners, Single Member LLCs.
Best Practices for Year End Planning with Open Question and Answer Session Led bySukhsurenTseden,Manager, Block Advisors GreenwichOffice

Friday,  Sept 20, 2019  8:30 am “Medicare Options & Decisions –Tips for Employers, Employees, Spouses, Anyone Disabled or Turning 65.
Presentation and Interactive Discussion Facilitated by Mark Brownstein, CSA, Director of Medicare, Emerald Medicare. Private Consultations after Session.

Friday Oct.4 , 2019  8:30 am “Simple Health Strategies for Executives and Their Teams that Enhance Work Productivity, Mental Clarity and Performance.Interactive Presentation and Open Question and Answer Session withDr. Michael Mendribil, Naturopathic Physician and Transformative Coach.

Friday,  Oct. 18 , 2019      8:30 am “Four Diamonds of Sales Success. Best Practices for Lead Qualification, Developing Proposals & Closing Business.   Presentation and Interactive Discussion led by Howard Berman, Founder of Berman Management Associates and Author, 29 Natural Law of Sales. 

The Solutions Growth Entrepreneur Exchange will schedule additional business centric events in other venues during the evening to attract a wider audience in other markets not available during the morning. Additionally, the syndicate will host quarterly socialization events to enhance communication and trust amongst members planned around outdoor recreation: beach, golf, tennis, boating, hiking, skiing.

Key Facts - SG Entrepreneur EXCHANGE (SGE)

  • SGE Solutions Leaders serve as facilitators to create interactive learning centric sessions at every PoweRhour.

  • The common mandate and mindset is to support members specifically with solutions aligned to achieve their unique goals. Outcomes are measured by generating measurable Results, facilitating three way Referrals, and assisting in scheduling and attending new client meetings. Success is achieved by closing new business that increases Revenue for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Investors of Growth companies.

  • The SG Entrepreneur Exchange consists of Solution Leaders that serve business owner members and investors in growth companies and invited quests. Each new member completes an application then takes assessments from Solution Leaders to identify SMART Goals, and opportunities for business development.

  • The Service Providers contribute their professional expertise and provide client solutions to members upon request on a part-time, project basis. The Founding Sponsors are: The Seroka Group, Greenwich Office Park Cafe, Block Advisors, Barnum Financial Group, and BH Asset Management. Future members may submit an application to join the SG Entrepreneur Exchange throughout the year but there is no guarantee of acceptance by the 5 person membership committee.

  • SGE was created to serve experienced executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors in growth companies. New members attend an Entrepreneur Xchange session as a guest to ask questions, experience the benefits of the collaborative exchange and receive ongoing business advisory support. All new members must submit a membership application and receive sponsorship from at least one Success Leader. SGE has a membership committee to approve applications to join the Exchange but does not accept members that compete directly against other members. Members are encouraged to invite partners and prospective new members from noncompeting businesses into this exclusive business development, executive education, collaboration and community network.

  • SGE is a “Givers Gain” community of health, wealth and self-help focused executives that conducts three way referrals as a natural outgrowth of the growing community.

SGE is different from any other peer advisory group because the sole mission is not Business Networking, Community Self-Help, or Pro-Bono public service for unemployed or underemployed professionals that seek employment leads, and new contacts for full-time jobs. Many other organizations exist in CT/NY with that mission including Chambers of Commerce, church career counseling, and nonprofit organizations. SGE is modeled after Angel/Entrepreneur Accelerator programs, with best practices and methodologies taught by the five Solution Leaders. The Exchange seeks senior-level business advisory executives with broad expertise and experience in building businesses. The mandate is to help CT/NY area executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs generate new ideas, learn best practices for success, acquire new clients, generate measurable results, qualified referrals, and new sources of revenue.

2019 PoweRhour sessions:

1) March 8, 2019 - Dr. Michael Mendribil, Naturopathic Doctor and Wellness Coach
Vitality Secrets to a Healthy Prosperous Career - Best Practices for More Energy, Clear Thinking, Better Decisions”
Health/Wellness Solutions Leader and Founder, Greenwich based - Mendribil Wellness.
New Member Benefit - Dr. Mendribil will give 15 minutes of private time to all new members after the session.

2) March 22, 2019 - Dr. Don Wetmore, Productivity and Time Management Expert
28 hour Workday - Increase Personal Productivity and New Ideas for Growth-Oriented Executives / Entrepreneurs”
Productivity Solutions Leader and Author, six books, founder, The Productivity Institute.
New Member Benefit - Dr. Wetmore will offer all new members a complementary assessment after the session.

3) April 5, 2019 - Paul Seroka, Strategic Marketing, Brand Development and Business Advisor for Middle Market companies
Creative Thinking and Innovation - Understand your Unique Creative Capabilities Vital for Sales and Marketing Success”
Marketing Services Leader for a Greenwich-based Agency. Former Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for three middle market companies
New Member Benefit - Free Innovation Leadership Assessment Offered to Members, Partners with Private Evaluations after the session

4) May 3, 2019 - Presentation and Interactive Q&A Led by Serial Entrepreneur, Board Advisor Dennis Goett, CEO, CrossRoadsStrategy Group.
“Financial / Operational Due Diligence for Growth-Focused Early Stage and Middle Market Companies - Best Practices for C-Suite Leaders.”

5) April 18, 2019 - Howard Berman, Master Sales Trainer and Success Coach - 9 am start The Foundation for New Business Building.
Three Way Referral - Generate Initial Meetings with Sales Prospects. Best Practices for Qualification, Developing Proposals, Obtaining New Clients”
Sale Solutions Leader and Author - 29 Natural Law of Sales, Founder, Berman Management Associates.

6) May 17, 2019 - Presentation and Interactive Q&A Led by Dr. Patricia Harmon, Author, The Mind of an Innovator. A Guide to Seeing Possibilities When None Existed before. “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development –Understand your strengths, weaknesses and areas of capability to enhance operational performance.”

7) May 31, 2019 - Presentation and Interactive Q&A led by Felix Giannini, President, LexCo Security . ”Business Continuity Planning - Will Your Business Survive a Natural or Manmade hazard” After the session, Lex will answer questions and share his insights as an entrepreneur spanning 40 years in serving 500+ organizations and individuals.

8) June 14, 2019 - Group discussion on key concepts from “The Startup Checklist - 25 rules for growing a scalable business” led by Paul Seroka, based on the book by David Rose, CEO, Gust, Founder, NY Angels.

9) June 28, 2019 Presentation and Interactive Q&A facilitated by Keith Reynolds, Content Hub Strategy Consultant, Author.
”Think like a Brand Publisher to Generate More Sales Leads to Acquire New Clients and Revenue Growth.”

10) July 12, 2019 “2018 Tax Act and Tax Update for Small Business OwnersSession Facilitator: Sukh Tseden, Greenwich Block Advisors Manager.

11) July 26, 2019 “Insurance& Risk Management Opportunities for Sole Practitioners, Parterships, Corp Business Owners.”  
Presentation and Interactive Q&A Led by James Thompson, Entrepreneur, Investor and Financial ServicesProfessionalat Barnum Financial Group. 

12) August 9, 2019 “Narrative and Numbers –The Value of Stories in Business –Key Concepts from NYU Professor Aswath Damodoran.”   
Session Facilitators:  Charles Helme, BH Asset and Paul Seroka, Seroka Group - Valuation methods for early stage and middle market companies. 

13) August 23, 2019 “The Pro System for More Effective Client Communication and Presentations.” Session Facilitator: Paul Seroka, Seroka Group - Interactive Group Discussion and Individual Exercise

Howard Berman, Sales Management Solutions Leader

Howard Berman, Sales Management Solutions Leader

Paul Seroka, Marketing Communications Solutions Leader

Paul Seroka, Marketing Communications Solutions Leader

Park Cafe venue for PoweRhour, Solutions Growth Entrepreneur Exchange

Park Cafe venue for PoweRhour, Solutions Growth Entrepreneur Exchange