All New York Title Agency

New Corporate Identity Program Helps  Insurance Agency Achieve Growth and Customer Success 


When three entrepreneurs decide to form a new title insurance agency in 1995, they decided to retain The Seroka Group to assist them in creating a corporate identity that communicated a consistent value proposition with clients and sales prospects.  The challenge required implementing a coordinated marketing program for their new White Plains-based agency in the short-term that would lead to long-term sales and profitability growth. 

The team agreed that the corporate identity would be completed first, followed by marketing tactics over an extended period of time to establish and then reinforce the brand with all audiences.  With many competing requirements for financial resources during year 1, the group could not afford any mistakes or delays in implementation.

Once the marketing strategy was approved, the team needed to create a logo, attractive letterhead, business card, brochure and presentation folder. The next step was to complete a direct mail program to buyers of their service, primarily real estate lawyers on all target markets.

The title agency generated new business right from the first month of business with many sales leads immediately as a result of this coordinated sales, marketing and corporate branding program.   The Seroka Group serves this client as their trusted marketing advisor on special projects as needed to support key corporate objectives.