MarCom ROI

Strategic Marketing, Lead and Revenue Generation Programs and Corporate Communications initiatives are vital to the success of your company and need to be managed and measured against other uses of capital to grow a business.  

As a consultant, paid on an outsourced basis, we are able to help you refine your messaging and mix of lead and revenue generation tactics over time to create a compelling call to action by customers, or business partners.  Our focus is to help you generate leads, close business and use marketing automation programs to track activities and measure results. 

You don’t have to invest in recruiting fees, employee benefits, bonuses, or worry about onboarding, training or severance related payments.  We can structure an engagement that meets your exact needs, and work within your budget and resource constraints.  Bust most importantly, we will establish evaluation criteria at the onset, have ongoing communication weekly with progress reports, and establish an engagement evaluation date and time at the onset to ensure alignment of goals to results and measurement criteria.

Instead of one engagement, we prefer to become an extension of your corporate team allowing us to analyze the marketing efforts over time and hone them in for the best ROI possible.  For more information, about how we calculate Return on Marketing Communication Investment, call (203) 253-1981.