Beechtree Capital

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A leading nutrition and public health advocate introduced Paul Seroka to George Weiss, the managing partner of Beechtree Capital and this team worked together to launch a portfolio company that promoted a product line of supplements. Years later, Paul recognized that George would benefit from an improved brand identity and new internet site and offered to work with the founder on weekends to redevelop the messaging and graphical identity for the private merchant bank.

The Beechtree website brand required paying of outside services for each content change, and did not reflect the many accomplishments and value offered to clients. There was no promotion and no leads were not being generated through the platform.  The founder, a leading angel investor/lawyer/board executive, recognized the value of having an executive marketing coach work with him directly to prepare new messaging about recent investment criteria and success.  He worked with The Seroka Group to create a new graphical brand that would communicate to all target audiences, specifically entrepreneur owners of early stage ventures at the angel/seed phase, and high net worth investors that desired to be included in the private investments managed by the firm.

The needs assessment phase was fast and easy to implement related to brand messaging. The strategy was simple to execute, and results were quickly realized within a defined tactical plan to meet specific business objectives. The goals were clear: redesign/relaunch the website, create new electronic materials, communicate with existing contacts, generate meetings, and expand the network with new qualified contacts to develop more business leads and revenue for the firm.  

Beechtree continues to use the logo today and a majority of the content remains on the website,  The graphic design and content presented an accurate message about the firm, investment philosophy, criteria, and business advisory services along with a web-based form for inquiries.  As a result of this effort, Paul was invited to serve as a partner to the firm, and to provide investment analysis services that would qualify the large pool of potential investments according to specific criteria.  The results from this two year engagement, Seroka  evaluated over 70 transactions, and introduced the managing partner to 30 senior executives that are now part of the firm's network.  As a separate project, Paul performed all due diligence regarding his own venture with the CEO for a software technology investment opportunity that became a new private investment transaction for the private investment firm.  Additional services rendered included a 35 hour competitive analysis in addition to over 50 hours of due diligence before the $3 million Series A transaction.