Corporate Executives

Boards, CEOs, and company management (including senior sales and marketing executives), benefit from the Seroka Scorecard methodology for ideation and program measurement.

Our marketing team can help you determine:

  • If you are selling into the proper market segments.
  • If you have the right investment in your marketing team and annual budget
  • When to prepare for transition from one company stage of growth into another
  • If you need to raise capital, redefine the budget and determine the proper size
  • If you have the right sales and marketing plan
  • The proper metrics and process for sales forecasting

We provide the following offerings:

  • Assess: we can provide visibility into your current revenue generation capability, against your desired business and revenue generation,
  • Deploy: Methodology shows how to deploy capital to achieve business objectives.
  • Design: Align, sequence and prioritization of the execution of your plan.
  • Plan:  Models how to profitably deploy capital to achieve marketing and corporate communication goals and revenue targets.
  • Implement: helps you design and recalibrate against your desired business and revenue objectives.
  • Operate – run your marketing department on an interim basis.
  • Recruit – Define the marketing recruiting process, align, sequence and prioritize the selection of new talent.
  • Benchmark – provide competitive analysis comparing your brand attributes and proof points versus poor sales performance, to achieve desired objectives.

Having an objective perspective from an experienced professional will help you reduce time and expenses and validate your decision to serve as a senior experienced corporate executive. As an expanding company, you may not have to hire a full-time person. And by hiring The Seroka Group, on an outsourced project basis, you will reduce your time at a lower expense compared to the rates charged by other large agencies. 

There is never a charge for an initial consultation, so call (203) 253-1981 and we will customize a program to meet your exact requirements.