Fine Host

Seroka Completes Marketing Communications Program for Fine Host, High-Growth National Food Service Management Company


The CEO for Fine Host Corporation, a publicly-traded national food service management company, wanted to enhance its brand identity to the investment community by presenting a positive message effectively to media, analysts and employees.  The goals were to manage the proposal center, win new client contracts, acquire private businesses with multi-year contracts, increase annual food and beverage revenue and net operating income for the company.  Another challenge was to increase the NASDAQ share price and the total market capitalization for the company. 

The first step required completing a marketing communications audit before preparing an annual plan.  Seroka then managed the entire corporate communications program through a team of professionals supervising all media, investor and employee communication activities.  Four years later, he acquired additional responsibilities in leading the national marketing effort for all newly acquired companies.

Within 12 months, Fine Host doubled its annual revenue from $127 million to $250 million and was recognized as the 2
nd fastest growing company in CT. The stock price and market capitalization tripled and the media relations program led to extensive national business and trade publicity.  ARAMARK purchased the company in 2003.