Investors, Private Equity Firms

If you are a private investor, private equity executive, M&A or venture capital firm, you can benefit from the Seroka Group’s professional marketing and innovation services. Our consultants utilize a proprietary Brand Scorecard and strategic marketing program methodology that can provide valuable insights for helping you manage a portfolio company investment, or assist you prior to a strategic acquisition.

Our marketing team can help you determine:

  • The right market segments are being targeted.
  • The right distribution, pricing or social media strategy.
  • If you have recruited the right marketing people.
  • If you have effective marketing processes.
  • If you have defined the right lead generation methodologies.
  • How do you determine which programs or people to keep and not to keep.

We provide the following offerings:

Assess – Is your marketing capital being deployed effectively.

Plan – Determine how to deploy your capital and measure impact.

Design – Optimize lead generation and brand marketing strategies.

Implement – Your plan and manage your marketing team on an interim basis.

Evaluate – We set a date and allocate time in advance then have a productive discussion.

Having an objective perspective and a consultant focused on these areas will help your portfolio company achieve their goals, or help you perform due diligence faster and more thoroughly. By hiring The Seroka Group, you will reduce time and expenses necessary to validate your decision to continually manager, merge, or acquire a company.

There is never a charge for an initial consultation, so call (203) 253-1981 and we will customize a program to meet your exact requirements.