Seroka Helps SanPellegrino Implement Marketing Plan to Build Sales for Water Products


SanPellegrino, the leading Italian bottler of mineral water and soft drinks, exported products to more than 50 countries at the time of our initial engagement.  But the company had limited distribution of its imported sparkling water throughout the U.S. at $3 million per annum. The strategic objective was to increase sales and profitability while establishing a positive brand identity.  

When Wendy Weinstein, director of marketing for SanPellegrino USA, Inc. needed to produce a marketing presentation targeted at two distribution channels she contacted several agencies requesting proposals but selected The Seroka Group. This assignment became the first of a series of projects that led to a multi-year client/agency relationship.

Corporate Slide Presentation
The Seroka Group was retained by SanPellegrino to prepare a national slide presentation designed for its sales force when communicating the "SanPellegrino story" to new distributors and retailers.

"The objective of the marketing presentation was to communicate to multiple audiences the company's current position, distribution strategy and projected growth. The challenge for the Seroka Group was to create this presentation and related marketing materials within a three week timeframe," explained Ms Weinstein.

The first step involved creating a storyboard of creative concepts that incorporated marketing data and statistical figures. A graphical template, and theme (The New Standard) were developed quickly and approved by the client. SanPellegrino supplied some visual elements (such as their corporate logo and product sketches), but others were scanned and digitally enhanced with computer software. Other information was converted into high-impact graphic files including three dimensional pie and bar charts.

Several Seroka Group marketing specialists made continuous revisions throughout the week up until the last day - when the presentation was converted in multiple formats and quantities. The results were a dazzling presentation using state-of-the-art technology and computer graphics.

Desktop Video Production
Producing this presentation and the materials, were the first tactical activities of the marketing services program SanPellegrino received over the next five years. The Seroka Group helped Wendy rehearse and evaluate the presentation with videotaped practice sessions. At the end of the desktop video session, she received a videotape for internal review, complete with titles and computer graphics.

"The marketing counsel and graphic design services we received were invaluable," stated Wendy. "The Seroka Group was able to take our direction and create high quality print and presentation materials. The company is unique in their application of computer technology for multimedia communication."

Sales Materials
The Seroka Group also helped the company prepare, within 24 hours, several hundred custom packages for a series of distributor "roll-out" meetings. For The Seroka Group, the assignment was to create high-quality product-information handouts designed for beverage product delivery salespeople.

"We used a portable computer to create the first draft of the package right in their office," explained Paul Seroka . "The marketing concepts were then redesigned overnight into a desktop publishing package. Laser proofs were transmitted electronically to their office and the entire project was completed the next afternoon. In the past, this type of project would have required at least a week, at considerably more cost."

Over a five year time period, The Seroka Group provided a wide range of agency marketing services to SanPellegrino's United States executive team helping the company increase sales by over 500%, while building a strong consumer brand throughout the country.