Entrepreneurs, Business Owners

If you are a small business owner, or aspiring entrepreneur with a dream looking to exit someday through a special event, you can benefit from a creative marketing team that understands your passion and commitment towards making your idea into a profitable business.

We understand the challenges you face:

  • Providing a high value product or service that exceeds expectations
  • Establishing relationships with initial customers, securing orders
  • Managing cash flow, A/R and tax compliance issues
  • Gaining references and promoting messages to sales prospects
  • Measuring total marketing size, and market share by segment 
  • Selling direct or through indirect channels

Our marketing team can help you:

  • Generate leads, initial customers, revenue
  • Validate the business model, pricing strategy
  • Obtain first references for future customers
  • Move fast to gain a competitive advantage
  • Prove validity of business plan, financial projections
  • Generate results with limited resources
  • Attract new employees, investors
  • Gain publicity through social and traditional media

Having an objective perspective from an experienced professional will help you reduce time and expenses necessary to validate your decision to serve as an entrepreneur and lead a small company. By hiring The Seroka Group, on an outsourced project basis, you will reduce your time at a lower expense compared to the rates charged by other large agencies.

There is never a charge for an initial consultation, so call (203) 253-1981 and we will customize a program to meet your exact requirements.