Washington D.C./White Plains, NY – June 1988

The Seroka Group, Inc. a White Plains based marketing services/public affairs corporation, has won the C-Flag, an award from the President’s Citation Program for Private Sector Initiatives. The flag, which bears the slogan “We Can – We Care,” recognizes outstanding contributions to the American spirit of volunteerism and community action.

The Seroka Group was recognized with the C-Flag because of their involvement over the past few years to increase public awareness about the Westchester 2000 project. The marketing company has helped Westchester 2000 by producing a series of communication materials targeted at informing residents about recent accomplishments.

The Seroka Group will now be considered for the top 100 Private Sector Initiatives awards and citations to be announced shortly by President Reagan at the White House.

Westchester 2000 is a public-private partnership between Westchester County and The Westchester County Association. Over 800 residents and a wide range of local corporations have participated in this project since it was created in September 1985.

Last year, The Seroka Group created, designed and produced a 16-page, four-color progress report about the accomplishments and future direction of the Westchester 2000 project. Over 170,000 Westchester County residents received this publication on Jan. 10, 1988 as an insert in the Gannett Westchester Newspapers.

According to William Taylor, president of the American Society of Association Executives, which administers the annual President’s Citation Program, more than 1,000 applications have been received for this year’s program.  “The Seroka Group now joins the few select organizations that fly the C-Flag and proudly proclaim “We Can and We Care,” he said.

“The Seroka Group ‘Can and Cares’ when it comes to community and public service,” says Sal Prezioso, executive director/consultant to the Westchester 2000 project. “The Westchester 2000 progress report, our newsletter and brochure are attractive, readable, well-organized publications – impressive in every sense of the word. The Seroka Group has performed most professionally, with care for the community’s needs and views, closely working with our staff, and the Gannett Newspapers, and always well ahead of deadlines.”

The Citation Program was established in 1984 by the White House Office of Private Sector Initiatives to recognize exemplary community involvement projects sponsored by businesses, trade associations and professional societies.

The Seroka Group was one of the first companies in the county to employ computer based electronic publishing technology and one of the first companies in the country to apply computer graphics and page layout skills to client marketing projects. Today, they are an industry leader in high-quality electronic publication design and computer publishing technology.

In one way or another, The Seroka Group has been helping their Fortune 500 clients since 1960. The White Plains based organization has served over 75 companies principally located throughout the metro New York area.

The Seroka Group specializes in helping clients in real estate, financial services and high technology. Typical assignments include creating company logos and corporate identity kits, developing advertising strategy and media relations programs, electronic publishing and marketing consultation.