In an effort to increase productivity, revenue and profitability, corporate professionals around the world are taking actions to assess and develop their individual and organizational capabilities for creativity and innovation.

Thanks to the recent convergence of advances in behaviorial psychology, statistics and Internet technology, it's now possible to complete a developmental process that moves a person or group forward in their creativity, innovation and product development efforts. 

The ILA, or Innovation Leadership Assessmentis the first scientifically validated assessment for readiness for creativity towards innovation. Paul Seroka is the second global partner certified to administer the ILA, and provide leadership development and executive coaches services. 

The ILA was officially launched in 2010 by Patricia Harmon & Associates, who conceived of the instrument and developed the software service before becoming the first global training partner.  Version 2.0 of the product is available in both English and Spanish and the company in 2014, has announced plans to certify other consultants interested in using this tool to assess the needs of their corporate clients.

The ILA was technically validated by PH.D. students at a leading university and features 79 carefully worded, multiple-choice questions.  All self-directed answers are compared against a master database of corporate professionals that answered identical questions.  The instrument generates numerical scores, categorizes results according to 15 sub scales, and proactive action plans are recommended based on the data. 

The value lies in the self-directed answers that are compared against the master database of corporate professionals. The tool generates numerical scores, categorizes results,  and proactive plans are recommended based on the data.  To ensure the accuracy of the individual and group reports, the ILA and custom training programs are only administered to corporate professionals, Executive MBA students, experienced entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The assessment is designed to take approximately 8 minutes to complete. All data is kept confidential and will never be resold or communicated to any outside organization. The only requirement for this online survey is  an Internet web-browser, a valid email address and some time afterwards to discuss results with an executive coach.   

The ILA identifies for executives their areas of strengths, capability or development within a series of subscales that measure behavioral and psychological human dimensions. All self-directed answers are compared to a large master database of senior executives, then custom scored and statistical charts are generated.  The deliverable is a 15-page report featuring explanations for each sub scale and suggestions for improvement in the lowest scoring areas. 

In 2013, the ILA was used several times by a Global 20 corporation for over 50 employees, an Ivy league university for an executive course program of entrepreneurs, a NASDAQ traded global manufacturing company in three locations, a global pharmaceutical company and hundreds of individuals around the United States.  

These corporations are sending teams of executives through the assessment for group analysis because the ILA Group assessment tool, when analyzed in conjunction with an outside firm like The Seroka Group, can help them understand their current state of innovation and creativity potential.   

 In 2014, the distribution of the ILA will be expanded globally, through a global partner program and a leading university, in order to certify and train executive coaches and innovation consultants in other countries.

Senior advisors from The Seroka Group are available  to answer questions related to the assessment, and help you develop and execute action plan for Innovation and Creativity success.  Call Paul Seroka at (203) 253-1981 to discuss your requirements and get a password for the ILA. Group discounts are available for your organization.